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F# Book Rumors

Ted said it, so I don't have to. Thanks :)

Yeah we're doing a book together, F# In A Nutshell for O'Reilly. I may disappear from the social scene for the rest of the summer in order to meet the deadline. Please don't forget about me. I'll miss you all very much. I will of course still be attending/speaking at all of the conferences I have already signed up for (list to be posted in a later blog).

Presentation Zen - Garr Reynolds

This book is fantastic. Quick, easy, inexpensive, must read! It doesn't matter if you are presenting at the office, school, or some sort of user group. There is a bit of focus on technical presentations, but the ideas are good for all types. My slide decks go better after reading the first 2 chapters, and I witnessed the same results for friends.

Buy at Amazon:

Also, check out Garr Reynolds blog for even more great ideas.