New Company

Its official, I have moved to The Sophic Group. Many of you have probably noticed the changes to my vanity slide at the end of my F# presentations. Ill blog more about this in the future I'm sure, but I'm extremely excited about the opportunity. These guys are some of the most talented Architects, Developers I have met. Check out their site, or contact me for more information.


Anonymous said...

When I see a web development company who's site is completely broken (i.e. the entire menu system) in firefox - I run.

Good luck.

PandamoniAL said...

Good call! Although they are not exactly a web dev company, this site is old and ugly and was certainly a concern. There is currently an internal group working to come up with the new site. Ill post something when I hear more, I'm not on that team. Thanks for the comment!

TheProkrammer said...

Good luck at your new job!