Alt.NET Podcast

If you haven't yet heard, there is a new podcast you should be listening to, the Alt.NET Podcast. Check it out. The first episode is a discussion with David Laribee, Jeremy D. Miller, and Chad Myers about continuously improving yourself, your code, and your team.

I'm just finishing up with it while typing this blog post and I agree with much of what is said. There is quite a bit of brainpower here, so its worth the 45 minute listen. Do yourself a favor and don't just listen to what they are saying and take it as gospel. Think about how their thoughts affect you, and decide if you can take their ideas and make positive changes in your own world. Everyone is different and since we are not these guys (already alpha-guys) critical thinking is imperative here. Knowing you should be continuously improving yourself and your career is a no-brainer! There isn't a magic bullet to do so, but these ideas are certainly a great start.

This podcast really gets you thinking, so I'm anxious to listen to the next. Nice job guys.


blowmage said...

Hey Amanda, thanks for the mention!

Dave said...

Arguing or chatting with folks like Jeremy and Chad has been a tremendous boon to my own thinking/practice. People really, really matter!

Thanks for the kind words, Amanda.

Matthew Whited said...

Wow... I can think of a company that really needs to listen to this cast. I'll leave it nameless but I know it would be pretty easy to figure out.

Scott Bellware said...


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