Where am I this spring? Im F#ing everywhere!

So this is my F# Spring tour so far. I'm going to try and make each talk different so that if you happen to be at more than one event, you can catch something new. I'm so anxious to spread a basic understanding of the language, so that I can start talking about the cooler more in depth stuff - hopefully during the next round of code camps! More about that later. Get you a Code Camp or DoDN if you can, these things rock! I can't wait to see everyone!

Apr 12 - Talking F# at Pittsburgh Code Camp: https://www.pghdotnet.org/CodeCamp/default.htm
Also I'll be at the Pittsburgh Heros Happen Here on Apr 14 (ok so I try to go to all of them so I can meet new smart people. I'll be in the area after my talk on the 12th)

Apr 19 - F# session with James Bender at CODoDN

Apr 26 - Spreading my F# knowledge at Richmond Code Camp

May 3 - Iowa Code Camp - Even more F# talks!

May 10 - You guessed it, I'm talking F# at WMDoDN

May 17 - I've submitted an F# talk but even if it isn't accepted, I'll be there meeting new people and learning new things!